Live Map

Easily operate multiple Agile Sensor Robots directly from the GUI tab - Live Map.

Select the targeted robot from the device dropdown. Set the parameters like visibility and url. Click on Load Map to enable the controls. From the intuitive buttons - Straight, Left Turn and Right Turn, robots can be controlled manually or could be leave it as it is to watch the simulation only. Custom speed can also be maintained through edit fields side to the buttons. To match the robots live positions with simulation, sliders can also be used to calibrate.

Turn on Live Cam feature to get the footage from the on-board camera of the robot platform.

Data Monitoring

Select the device to see sensor data from the device dropdown list. Click on Choose File and select the data files. Set View parameters to compare and observe multiple data files in single view.

Task Scheduler

Add repetitive tasks like you put dates into your calendar. Select which robots to operate, target machinery and sensors to use from the dropdown lists. Choose a date, start time, duration to run and how much to repeat from the Set Schedule panel. Fill the Save Folder path. That's it, Agile Sensors robot will take care of your every day maintenance task.

Data Analysis

Browse through all the data collected from various sensors in a single tab. Choose, explore and compare.

This is the GUI developed for our prototype, we can add custom features according to your need. Contact Us.


Developed with fun at the Student Innovation Lab.

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Student Innovation Lab